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 I was ordained by the Reverend Dennis Shields into the Religion Of Jesus Church in early June of 2000. On June 19, 2000 I was licensed to marry people by the Department Of Health, State of Hawaii, specifically as a 'Cannabis Sacrament' minister. Later that year, I was a co-recipient of the Drug Policy Forum of Hawaii's
Ho'omaluhia (Peacemaker) Award.

In my opinion some of the world's greatest religions and healthiest cultures have been based on their respect for the value of the cannabis hemp plant as well as other entheogens. I believe that liberation of this holy herb will help to bring more harmony, healing and wealth to more people of this world-faster than any other single act.
Hidden deep in modern religions are references to a more peacful time when women and men lived in harmony with one another and nature.  Ancient artifacts suggest that these societies honored women, and that the divine was often portrayed in female form.  In recent years, these observations have formed the basis for reevaluating men's and women's roles in society, and how a balanced partnership may lead to societal harmony.
Cultural historian Riane Eisler has conducted a cross cultural and historical study that led to her internationally known cultural transformation theory first introduced to a general readership in her classic works "The Chalice and The Blade" and "Sacred Pleasure".  Eisler identifies a continuum of patterns for structuring relations from intimate to international.  At one end of the continuum is the partnership model which embodies equity, environmental sustainability, multiculturalism, and gender fairness.  At the opposite end of the continuum is the domination model, which has marred much of our civilization.  This model emphasizes control, authoritarianism, violence, gender discrimination, and environmental destruction.  Eisler shows that today we stand at a crossroads where a shift to the partnership end of the continuum is essential for human welfare and possibly survival. 

What Eisler calls a partnership spiritually is integral to this shift.  Those that are seeking spiritual guidance must be able to open their minds, and hearts to what is around them.  Cannabis helps us reach deep into our spiritual awareness, and with that we can find the truth in all things.
Roger Christie -